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    Composer for Film, Games and Media

Catherine Grealish is an award-winning LA-based composer for film, games and live performance.


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All Things Hidden - EP All Things Hidden - EP Buy All Things Hidden on Bandcamp
Symphonic Stories Orchestra & David Sabee Artist and the Muse Artist and the Muse - Symphonic Stories
Celebrate World Music! For Those Who Have Walked Ahead


Independent Music Awards

Catherine's soundtrack to All Things Hidden won the Vox Populi Soundtrack category for the 2014 Independent Music Awards. You can listen to the finale cue on Soundcloud. https://soundcloud.com/catherinegrealish/all-things-hidden-finale

The whole album available for purchase on Bandcamp. ttps://catherinegrealish.bandcamp.com/album/all-things-hidden

Speaking of Dying

Catherine has been brought on the team for the important documentary short Speaking of Dying. You can learn more about it and donate to their cause here.


Girls Make Games

Girls Make Games' first game, The Hole Story, is being scored by Catherine Grealish. It is due for release in May, 2015 on mobile and console platforms.


Capitol Hill web series second season.

Capitol Hill web series is launching its second season. The first season was highly successful with screenings at festivals all around the world including Raindance in the UK and Switzerland’s Geneva International film festival. It has also received multiple nominations at LA Web Fest.


Catherine is incredibly intuitive and taps right in to the heart of the story. She has infinite respect and love for the medium of film and music and how they both work together to take us on their magical journeys. Persephone Vandegrift, Writer & Director All Things Hidden



Catherine Grealish is an award-winning LA-based composer for film, games, media and live performance. A multi-instrumentalist, she is a classical and jazz singer, and plays violin, piano, and guitar. Catherine recently won the Independent Music Vox Pop Award for her soundtrack for the film All Things Hidden.

Catherine’s music has been featured in award-winning films, including the shorts The Last Light and Dressing Up. She has also scored many other independent films including The Last Buck Hunt, Citizen Heroes and All Things Hidden along with the popular web series Capitol Hill. Catherine is currently scoring the video games Ancient Aliens: Severed Skies and The Hole Story.

Her work for Didgeridoo and chamber orchestra "For Those Who Have Walked Ahead" premiered at Benaroya Recital Hall as part of Celebrate World Music in March 2013. Catherine’s orchestral work "Artist and The Muse" premiered in 2012. She continues to be involved in numerous film, game and live performance projects.

Catherine graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Music at Cornish College of the Arts. She then achieved her Masters of Music from Boston University and also completed the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring program.

Catherine is from Tasmania, Australia. She moved to the United States in 1998 to pursue a career in music.

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The score never fails to provide that atmosphere and to accentuate whatever emotion holds sway over the characters on screen at any given moment. Indeed, it’s hard to imagine this film being as effective without Grealish’s score behind it. Cinema on the Rocks




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